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When to Fix Garage Door Yourself and When to Call For Help

  • Fixing a garage door is about knowing when to try it yourself and when to call in a professional. That's because there are some simple repairs and adjustments that are easy for most homeowners to accomplish, and there are more complicated areas of the mechanisms that want special skills. Attempting to repair something that's harder than you are able to handle can be dangerous as a garage door and its opener can both become hazardous challenges that you won't know how to deal with. So, Repair services for commercial garage doors are simple enough for you yourself to do yourself, and when in case you call in reinforcements?


    Obviously the batteries in your remotes should really be the first thing you check when you're troubleshooting garage door problems. Like some other household item that runs off batteries, it ought to be an easy job to replace defective batteries. It's advisable to help keep spares around just in case you need to use them. You may also double-check to see if all plugs are plugged in securely and that connections are tight. If not, it's probably safe for you yourself to do the tightening yourself.


    Door tracks adjustment are another part of the system that must be kept in top shape. They are likely to get dry helping to make the door drag rising and down and causes the complete assembly to make horrible noises. In order to avoid this problem, you should occasionally oil the tracks. If the door is apparently binding or refuses to raise, you could check to see if the tracks are plumb with each other. If one or one other is off, it's a quite simple matter to loosen the screws and adjust the track to fit one other one. While you're doing these specific things, make sure you check all you will see to be sure there's no rust on them.


    Electrical issues are usually something better left to the professional. The circuits can simply be damaged by use and exposure to adverse weather conditions. Until you possess knowledge of electric circuits, they're better left alone until you may get skilled help. It may be that you should replace the entire opener when it malfunctions in this way. Another job to approach carefully or never is spring adjustment. The springs on a garage door are tension-loaded, and if they need to snap, they are able to pack a punch lethal enough to kill you.

      January 4, 2022 12:26 PM PST