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Writing the practical part of the MBA diploma project

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  • Writing the practical part of the MBA diploma project

    Career and business

    So, as mentioned above, about 45% of MBA diploma holders received it only for career growth, about the same number of graduates decided that the diploma would help them work better in their old position on paperwriter. And only 5% of graduates receive a diploma in order to become owners of their own business. Such a small percentage is due to the fact that it is often very difficult to make the transition from the position of even a top-level manager to the position of the head of one's own company.

    According to numerous surveys, it has been proven that owners of their own businesses who have received an MBA diploma, in most cases, state that the diploma did not play an educational role for them as such. But he made a contribution for them in the form of obtaining new connections. As the saying goes, business connections are everything. Many top managers do not believe that such education is in the nature of a successful investment.

    In fact, according to statistics, those managers who received an MBA diploma only received a higher position after about 5 years. At the same time, they did not have clear guarantees that it was the merit of only education at a business school from In some organizations, there is a practice that managers themselves pay for the education of their subordinates and allow them to become holders of an MBA diploma. But this practice is still considered rare. Self-funded education is more common. Moreover, those people who have not reached the age of 40 study independently. The older the employee, the more likely he is that the organization will pay for the training. An interesting fact is that such a stereotype has absolutely no contact with the position, and is mainly tied to the age of the employee of the company.

    The older the employee, the more experienced he is. It is beneficial for the employer to leave him in the workplace in his position. But it also requires personal and professional development. Thus, they come to the conclusion that such employees need to increase this level. At the same time, young specialists understood this desire of employers, and independently strive to improve their professionalism. In this case, they have a fairly significant chance of obtaining a highly paid position.

    In the question of who needs an MBA diploma, it is worth dwelling separately on the possible risks of investing money in such education. Everyone knows that getting a business education in order thesis online time is a rather expensive procedure. When planning education, many initially consider the possible risks that they will face in the process of educational activities. If the employer initially assumes that by sending his employee to study, he can achieve much more, therefore, he considers such an employee from a higher position. If you start self-study, then there are no certain guarantees that a highly paid position will come instantly after receiving a diploma. Thus, it should be assumed that a diploma can only be useful for professional growth as a specialist,

    Today, many schools provide education in the field of business planning. Their reputation and period of operation can testify to the level of their professionalism. So, when choosing a source for obtaining an MBA diploma, you should initially know which school to choose for this.

      March 22, 2022 9:37 AM PDT