My Community The OP is to get DT done to prepare for Ice burst

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  • Posted On : Feb 08, 2022
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  • I'd highly recommend getting 70 attack, strength defense, range, attack and mage before attempting barrows. You don't require that, simply 70 mage with 50 range for a MSB or simply mithril bolts from RuneScape Gold Zanik's C'bow. It's worked for me. However, I've seen better results currently.

    The OP is to get DT done to prepare for Ice burst, except if you have 55 slayer in which it is possible to utilize magic dart. If you opt to do this, you'll need a portal to Canifis in your home that requires completion of DT (or it'll take longer to reach it or whatever). There's no requirement to complete DT though, but it's a exciting quest and you'll be looking to get it done soon or in time, and getting it done now is helpful. If you don't require 70 att, def and range will be very helpful. Magic dart is a great one...

    Seriously, what do I mean: the melee levels? You really, really do not need them. Barrows runs work without these. I'm certain that 70 defense might be helpful, but if you're using ice magics, you never require meleeing. Not at all. Karil is damaged by magic, and Ahrim is slow to get to.

    Admittedly I don't normally do more than 1 run per day, but it's because I'm unable to get to the end of my maze. (This happened before I was able to master some of the levels you describe). I'm sure I could run 2 or 3 in a row at the same time.

    70 defense is very very helpful with Buy RS 3 Gold the blitz-to-sally technique it is one of the best methods(if you don't have access to turm/chaotics etc etc). Attack and strength speed up ahrim, however is not required and 70 mage is a minimum, 82 is better.